Your dentist has referred you to us for evaluation and treatment of the pulp tissue inside your tooth. In order to save your tooth it is necessary to remove all the diseased pulp and permanently seal the spaces (canals) with a permanent filling material.  This procedure is known as endodontic therapy. Such treatment is provided by a dental specialist known as an endodontist.  We are an extension of your general dentist’s care – an excellent analogy of this is to think of your dentist as your general medical doctor and your endodontist as your cardiologist.

We were established with a commitment to provide the highest quality endodontic care available in a warm and compassionate manner.  Although most patients are anxious at the thought of needing a root canal, our experience has been that over 95% of our patient’s are shocked to find out how easy it really is.  In fact, a recent survey showed that patients who have experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as “painless” than patients who have not had root canal treatment.  In another survey, 9 out 10 people who had a root canal treatment performed by a specialist would return to one.

We practice evidenced based dentistry at our office.  Our services are based on the most up-to-date research available and not anecdotes. We utilize only safe and approved materials in conjunction with your endodontic therapy.  All sterilization procedures of equipment and instruments are carefully monitored for 100% effectiveness.  We use the most state-of-the-art equipment currently available to make sure that we treat our patients with greater certainty and better results.  These include:

  • Apex locators: electronic technology that allows us to locate the tips of your roots to within one tenth of a millimeter
  • Chairside computers
  • Endodontic microscope with LED illumination: allows us to easier visualize the inside of your tooth by magnifying it from 3.5 to 25 times
  • Digital X-rays: radiation exposure is reduced by 90% compared with traditional x-rays
  • Sedation dentistry: allows our patients to experience a comfortable and relaxed visit
  • Ultrasonics: microconservative way to remove tooth struct